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User-Centered Design Methods
Self Checkout System
Applied Scenario Based Design and Contextual Design methods to a project involving a self-checkout system. Conducted contextual inquiry, created activity, information and interaction design scenarios, claims analysis and storyboards. Created individual and consolidated work models, Redesigned work practices using visioning and storyboarding and created a user environment design diagram.
Project Team Members
Adam Funderburk, Pawee Kiratiya-Angul, Sree Anirudh J Bhandaram
Project Skills
conducting contextual inquiry, creating design scenarios, storyboarding, work modeling
Project Time
Fall 2009

Our vision was to build a self service, express checkout system for a retailer through the use of User-Centered Design Methods.

Our basic rationale was to reduce the retailers need to pay store personnel to handle small, quick transactions, to decrease customer wait time, to reduce staffing to save costs and to enable existing personnel to handle more customers.

User-Centered Design Methods Process

Given the relatively short timeframe we successfully applied Scenario Based Design and Contextual Design to the project. We created problem scenarios, conducted claims analysis, created work (flow, cultural, sequence, artifact & physical) models, redesigned work models and created a new User Environment Design Diagram.

You can view the various artifacts of the project below.