Portfolio of a Usability, User Experience & Web development Professional
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Usability Engineering
Dum Dum Gym
Designed touch screen gym software, which helps gym users accomplish basic tasks. Created stakeholder personas and scenarios, created low- and high-fidelity prototypes and after intensive testing, created the final software.
Project Team Members
Hank DeDona, Sanket Anil Naik, Sree Anirudh J Bhandaram
Project Skills
creating personas, task analysis, creating prototypes, conducting usability tests, summarizing results
Project Time
Winter 2008

Dum Dum Gym (DDGym) is a application primarily designed to keep track of a user's workout regimen and track their progress. The results are displayed in a way that allows users to see how far they have come. DDGym is an easy-to-use touch-screen based user interface.

The vision of this application is to help gym members visualize the progress they've made. This application allows users to personalize their workout regimen to suit their needs and benefit them.

In addition to contributing to each step of the UE process, I developed several high-level prototypes for DDGym which were used for our usability tests.

Usability Engineering Process

One of our goals was to create an easy-to-use interface for gym members. This goal was met as our results show that the interface was easy to use and the test participants did not refer to the help at all.

Our second goal was to have a minimum completion time for each task. This was done as our users were assumed to use this application while working out at a machine. We wanted to complete any task in less than 30 seconds to one minute. We met this goal with the exception of one user.

This application should have allowed gym members to view a workout plan, check messages, view their progress, performance and send feedback. All these tasks were accomplished with minimum effort by the users by our final prototype. Our pilot and actual usability tests also helped us create a better prototype after each iteration.

Usability Engineering Results